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Rules, Prizes and Sign up Form (5th Annual - 2021)

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  • Rules, Prizes and Sign up Form (5th Annual - 2021)

    A Canada-wide amateur PC modding competition aims to grow the PC modding community in Canada. The competition will have case modders/builders compete by going head to head with their projects. Once the competition is complete, the mods will be judged and the top 3 projects will take the prizes. No Purchase Necessary to Enter.
    1. Modder must live in Canada.
    2. Modder must be 18+ to enter.
    3. The project must be the builders' original work.
    4. Modder required to do project log on Dazmode forums.
    5. Modder agrees that any submitted build-log can be freely re-posted and/or published by Completion Sponsor and Organizers.
    6. Sponsored projects are allowed, but must be disclosed.
    7. The builds must be planned and built this year, i,e 2021 to qualify.
    8. Only one entry per participant is allowed
    9. Winner selected by judges panel's combined vote
    10. The winner is responsible for any tax implications from receiving contest prizes.
    11. No purchase from DazMode is required to participate in this competition.

    Competition Timeframe:
    • Build-log Page Opens August 8th
    • Deadline to submit registration: November 30th, 11 pm EST;
    • Build Log Posting Deadline: December 31th, 11 pm EST;
    • Judges complete scores by Jan 16th;
    • Winners announcement by Jan 24th
    • Prizes Distribution by Jan 30th
    Sign Up HERE

    Admin Team:
    • Hooded (Brian)
    • Tpbmods (Kevin)
    • Bungwirez (Ben)
    • DazMode (Daz)

    Judges (preliminary):
    • Bill Owen of MNPCtech (USA)
    • Eric of Bmods (Canada)
    • Daz of DazMode (Canada)
    • Ali Abbass - Cre8or (Germany)
    • Mike Peters (Belgium)
    • Toru Sekiguchi - Toru_Mod (Japan)
    • Jessie Palacio - JP Modified (Phillipines)
    • Luc Giguere - (Canada)
    Judging Criteria
    1. Aesthetics = %25
    2. Skills = %25 (if outsourced work, if did work manually or machined etc.)
    3. Originality = %20
    4. Workmanship = %20
    5. Build Log Quality = %10

    Competition Sponsors (preliminary):
    • EKWB
    • Watercool
    • DarkSide

    Prizes Distribution Rules
    1. First Place Prize + 1st pick;
    2. Second Place Prize + 2nd Pick;
    3. Third Place Prize + 3rd Pick;
    4. Fourth to ? places will receive ONE pick from Finalized Prizes Pool
    Prizes Pool
    1st Place
    1. $500 EKWB Gift Card -Sponsored by EKWB
    2. First Free Pick
    3. Small Swag Package

    2nd Place
    1. 300 EKWB Gift Card - Sponsored by EKWB
    2. Second Free Pick
    3. .Small Swag Package

    3rd Place
    1. $100 EKWB Gift Card - Sponsored by EKWB
    2. Third Free Pick
    3. Small Swag package
    4th + Place
    1. One Free pick in winning an order from the prize pool

    Prizes Pool (Free Pick Winners):

    1. Alphacool $100 Gift card
    2. Alphacool $50 Gift card
    3. Alphacool$ $50 Gift card
    4. Alphacool Mod Mat
    5. Alphacool ModMat
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    Retro Build: Build Log,
    Baby Blue Build: Build Log,
    Green Lanten Build: Build Log,
    Sentinel Build: Build Log,
    Venom Build: Build Log,
    Silent Sniper Build: Final Video,
    Orange Build: Final Video
    HTPC Build: Final Video

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    Just curious when the build logs can be posted.


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      May I ask something DazMode

      I am really curious to see if there is an update on the prizes pool (if there is one) this year.

      ​​​​​​​I am like a kid 4 days before Christmas ☃️


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        Too bad I'm too late for this one.¬†i would've not won anyways. ¬¬†if anyone knows of other contests I could join with my latest build, feel free to pm me with the info!¬†


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          Originally posted by C0LLARD View Post
          May I ask something DazMode

          I am really curious to see if there is an update on the prizes pool (if there is one) this year.

          I am like a kid 4 days before Christmas ☃️
          If i didn’t go into custom keyboard (mr.suit and mammoth75/mammoth20 and lot of keycaps), i could have offered an z690 mobo plus ddr5. I had to buy one of newegg bundles inorder to get gskill kit i wanted.

          Still got to sell off some other group buy keyboards too.


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            Still scambling trying to get a build log going, but hopefully i'll have something before the deadline!


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              You are scrambling, tpbmods and I won't make the deadline, danny is too late, prize pool hasn't been updated...

              Extension anyone?

              Kinda late to be messing with judges schedules and not really fair to others who HAVE finished on time, but in the event they have issues too...
              Last edited by Grinder; 12-31-2021, 03:31 PM.