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Evolv shift 2 HTPC/light gaming build

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  • Evolv shift 2 HTPC/light gaming build

    after 5 years of not touching computers I am currently actively working on 3 builds at once, with maybe a 4th to build for someone else! I just haven't needed an upgrade and haven't been excited for new parts until I saw zen 4 landing, so upgrading my main rig to a 5900x for better 3d modeling performance. unfortunalty the program I use recently stopped supporting openGL for older AMD cards so I had to change to nvidia. not a fan of the company and I've never bought an nvidia card, but AMD just didn't have the performance for the price of used 20 series cards.
    anyways that means this PC is getting the old 1700x and I'll be lending the vega to a friend, so this comp is getting an R9 fury thats been sitting in my closet for years. Always wanted this case when it came out, glad its one of the cheaper cases now. the little cooler master cases that used to be $35 is now like $90. case prices are getting out of hand due to shipping prices.

    started with thinking about they layout of the hard tube, I'm going to use pass-thoughs up to the top of the case (which is where the i/o is located) and run an external quad rad outside the case. there is room for 1 or 2 120mm rads in the case but if you put 2 you can't have a fan on it, so i'm just using 1 in the case and I'm interested to see how much it can cool on its own. Darkside power!

    as mentioned before I am getting into 3d modeling. mostly things for building Warhammer 40k models, as thats the hobby I got into after quitting computers but its also nice to be able to whip up a custom piece for a PC build. here is a pass-though mount I made for the evolv 2, it will be directly above the GPU outlet and allow for the tubes to leave the case for the external rad. the first 2 are prototypes and the final was painted black.

    Click image for larger version

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    painted the ram heat spreader red plastic bit with silver. this mobo has orange lighting so don't know if I will just stick to orange/black/silver theme or add RGB. already has RGB fan that comes with the case and the mobo has an RGB header. Phanteks has these really cool neon looking light strips I may try out. also think I have a bunch of darkside white LED's somewhere.
    Click image for larger version

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