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Anyone need design and 3d printed custom parts?

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  • Anyone need design and 3d printed custom parts?

    Im new on the forum but im not new to pc building and 3D printers. I own a decent 3d printer and have alot of design experience with cad software. I am a mechanical designer as my daytime job for the past year and have done many diy projects such as 3d printed bluetooth speaker enclosures, brackets of all shapes and sizes, covers, buttons, drones, rc cars, etc...

    If interested in some custom design and parts for pc modding or anything else im happy to do it.

    Let me know.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Great offer! I'm sure some will take you up on this.
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      Yes, this comes up a few times in the past. Not too often, but nevertheless.
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        Hi Guys thanks for the comments im currently working on my new build will be posting pics soon if im happy enough with the loop might give the Feb pc of the moth a try.