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WTB 30cm of 12/16mm soft tubing

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  • WTB 30cm of 12/16mm soft tubing

    I'm wondering if anyone has some spare 12/16mm soft tubing, I'm looking for around 30-50cm of it. I only need it for maintenance uses and feel like it probably isn't worth buying 3 meters if most of it is going to just collect dust. If anyone has any to spare, I'll pay for shipping + whatever you feel the cost of the tubing is.


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    Try Crappy Tire or Home Depot for some cheap tubing to perform maintenance.
    7/16x 5/8 Tygon should work fine with soft tube fittings.
    !2mm x 16mm is a very oddball size for soft tubing. Those are hard tube measurements in general.
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      Princess Auto sells 1/2 x 5/8 clear pvc tubing for like $6 for 10ft. If not, perhaps Rona or Home Depot