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  • Death to COVID

    In this alternate reality, the virus has evolved to become much larger. They can be captured, but can only be killed by UV sterilization. Therefore I bring you:Death to COVID!

    The premise that I'm running with for this build is that ultraviolet light of a certain frequency, intensity, and duration will kill COVID. I've been itching to use UV again for a while!

    I love to mod old cases. My style can best be described as MacGyver. I like to find cool ways to recycle materials at hand into my mods. My victim this time is a Corsair 600T, circa 2010. I owned one years ago but it was so nice that I didn't have the heart to cut into it at the time. I picked this one up cheap with a busted fan controller knob and some other minor issues. It will be the recipient of a 2x180mm rad in the front, a 3x120mm in the top, and some other mods and goodies...

    *** edit ***
    I have said several times that modders will post interesting custom builds here, even without CAMC. This won't be the first time I've started a build and then had to ask for it to be moved to the competition area (sorry Hooded!). Thanks again to Daz, sponsors, admins, competitors, and judges for what is always a fun competition! I was camping away from home so couldn't work on DtC, but picked up the thread at post 13 now that it's been moved. I'll keep the section below updated with mods and components as the build progresses.

    Corsair 600T

    Alphacool XT45 dual 180 radiator
    Swiftech MCR320-XP radiator
    2x Silverstone AP182 fans

    Top rad- mount and case top roughed in.
    Front rad- planning
    Bubble- planning.
    Replace mesh panels- planning
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    Here is a better look at the disintegration, my niece didn't see the virus being blown apart by the UV when she first viewed the image above on her phone. I had to get her to zoom in on the focus of the beam!

    I love some of the blues I am seeing here from the UV light, perhaps it would be a good palette for exterior colour.

    Here's the case. I'll probably try to make the control panel area match the rest of the top (likely aluminum for the mesh in the top and front), I like the symmetry that would create. A completely clear side panel would look nice. Blue for the other bits. I've seen a mod for this case where they completely replace the front with honeycomb, but I plan to honour the original look and retain the inner structure on the front (the white perimeter bit) as I really like it!

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      I'll be using a Swiftech MCR320-XP in the roof, it isn't too thick and still has good performance for a 3x120. In the front will be the monster Alphacool XT45 dual 180 rad, more surface area than a quad 120 and the fans are pretty potent.

      Just getting an idea of size here...


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        Nice, back at it again! Dual 180 rad sounds interesting, never seen one of those before. Those fit quite a few older (and even newer) Cooler Master cases, and a few other brands too I think, cool stuff!


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          Here you go. I've had these for a while but they were too large or overkill for the last few cases I've worked in. It's an Alphacool NexXxoS XT45, plus a pair of Silverstone AP182's. 2000 rpm 180mm fans FTW


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            There should just be room to squeeze in my Swiftech MCR320-XP and still retain the stock mechanism to close the screen on the top. Plus I think just barely enough vertical distance between the top of the case and the top edge of the mobo to fit the rad, fans, support, and have room for the top mesh. Mind you, I'll have to drop the rad support about 7mm. I'll trim out the space I need and then suspend a leftover top piece from a fractal design case. I always seem to end up using leftover bits and pieces...


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              I drilled the corners and then used a hacksaw blade and a file to remove material from the top to allow the rad to fit. I could be a lot more aggressive here if I needed the space for a larger rad, but chose to custom fit it to the swiftech rad.

              A bit of material needed to be removed from the mesh support, it might need a little more tweaking once I get the rad suspended.


              Now to open up the case top...


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                Good candidate for CAMC 2021n
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                  Originally posted by DazMode View Post
                  Good candidate for CAMC 2021n
                  Thanks for having the event this year. Thought there wouldn’t be any.


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                    Thanks Daz, I'm happy to throw my hat in the ring again. Like Section31, I wasn't sure there would be a competition this year. Thanks again for giving us a place to play!

                    Please move this thread to the competition area.


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                      Here is the leftover top piece from the Fractal case. I'll trim a piece off the top to clear the mobo tray, and flatten or snip off the left edge so the rad can sit flat on it . That will leave the nicely finished edge facing the window when I suspend it just beneath the top of the case to support the rad.

                      I'll have to test fit to see about fan clearance near the motherboard as well.


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                        I'm out of time to mod for now, will be camping in Newfoundland for the next couple of weeks. Before I go, I thought I'd reveal that every self respecting COVID destroyer should have a bubble. Or in this case a cover for a security camera. It will look nicer than a busted fan controller! The plan is to attach it to a base and make it part of the loop, probably backlit with UV.

                        My instinct is to cut the threads off and cement it to an acrylic base, and tap the base for fittings. But it might be cool to have the ability to use the threads (they are M38) to allow it to be installed and removed from a base (i.e. if I wanted to put something inside it that I could still get at). Anyone have any ideas?


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                          Not only am I far away from my build for a few days more, it is also difficult to stay in touch. Here my wife demonstrates our high tech cell phone signal booster!
                          Stay tuned for more mods soon.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            I haven't found a base yet for the acrylic bubble/security camera cover that would match the M38x1mm threads. I could order a tap and bit in that size, but the only options I see are from China. That could take a while, and is costly for something I'll only ever use once. I was considering displaying something inside the bubble, but since I have decided against that anyway, I have less need to get it open again. It would have caused too much flow restriction plus potential scratches inside or bits coming off without being able to get them out easily. I'll go the acrylic cement route to seal off the bubble, and I have a drill bit and tap for G1/4 that I ordered a while back so that I can install some angled fittings in the base. I don't have a lathe, so the plan is to cut a disk as close as possible to the diameter I need for a plug, then spin and sand it on a drill to make it round and fit as tightly as possible before cementing it.

                            I'll put the money I would have spent on a tap/bit towards something else that I was on the fence about - some honeycomb mesh for the top and front. I have a couple of used filters from our home air exchanger with spreaded aluminum that I was going to try, but they are kinda flimsy for what I want and honeycomb is much more attractive.

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                              Hmmm, after looking at the aluminum filter I'm still undecided... Maybe I'll try it out.

                              Meanwhile I drilled out the optical bay cage rivets and removed it.