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    Then I taped up and marked the case where I wanted to cut it, drilled the corners, and cut the top section out with a jigsaw. I still have to clean it up with a file and do a bit of sand and paint, but there are other cuts to be made first. Next up will be the front.


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      I'll use some pieces of scrap aluminum left over from another project to reinforce the top of the case and provide a solid place to hang the rad support from. It will also fill in the gaps, hugging the side of the rad.

      *** edit **
      After fiddling with this a bit, I decided to forgo the aluminum reinforcement. That will make it easier to hang and adjust the fractal case remnant as a rad support, and it adds enough rigidity anyway.​
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        Here are some of the nips and tucks I did to the fractal panel in order to fit it in as a rad support.

        Just testing it roughed in. Some tweaks and tidying up to do but it fits and I can get the top cover on. I'd like to have a smidge more room above the mobo but if clearance becomes an issue I might do away with the top cover frame and just use mesh.

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          I haven't had a chance to put the finishing touches on the adjustable radiator hanger, but I did check some local metal shops for mesh. Ideally I wanted 1/4 inch hole honeycomb aluminum for the outside, but I couldn't find any. There were a few online but long shipping times, pricey, and I didn't like the shipping options.

          I ended up with 1/2 inch hole steel honeycomb, plus some round hole perforated steel for the inner front (to hang the rad and provide a surface for a filter to rest against). These two ~48 x 10 inch pieces were $20. It will be a pain to bend the honeycomb to fit the top (this stuff is strong!), but I'll give it a go. If I can't make it work, I'll use the honeycomb instead of the round perforated to hang the rad as it has much better air flow.


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            I love where this is going!!!
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              I'm glad you can see the vision Mr. PB. I have a bunch of foundational/functional type mods to do but there are lots of strongly themed mods to come!


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                I was toying with loop order and considering where to put a fill port when it came to me.

                Instead of just running some coolant through the bubble, I'll use it as the access point to the system, to submit a virus for sterilization. Oh, and a stealthed fill port!

                I have an ancient CPU cooler, it will make a great mount for the bubble/fill port.

                Here is a tease of some of the paint I'll be using. The silverchrome will be for the honeycomb and i/o panel, the dark blue for much of the plastic outer shell. I was really wanting Montana Gold Ultramarine, but couldn't find it locally I picked up the Behr "inked" colour, and was walking into the house thinking that I could always get the Ultramarine later, when the modding gods slapped it out of my hands. Luckily it didn't explode on the front step, but it definitely won't be going back now!



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                  Aside from the busted fan controller, the 600T was missing the trim piece/PSU filter. It looks like this old piece of Rosewill case (was a spare and a donor for an IO panel on my MODell build) might match up.

                  I also have a nice filter left over from the donor piece of Fractal Design case that I used for the top rad hangar. I should be able to attach some guides and supports to make it work. I'll likely install an intake fan in the bottom of the case as well.

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                    I cut a chunk out of the old plastic Rosewill case top, trimmed it to replace the missing trim piece at the back of the case, cut a bracket from a metal piece of case, and screwed them together (it was a fussy piece to sort out!). The idea is to use the aluminum flat bar to act as slides for the filter and attach the trim to them so I will have a removeable filter/trim assembly.

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