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Project - Tesla (3D Render Slave)

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  • Project - Tesla (3D Render Slave)

    So Max-Overdrive is going to take longer than I would like as I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out how I want the hard tubing to run and having to build 2 other systems along with it isn't helping so I'm going to take care of those first and a little on Max here and there. In the meantime here is Tesla, one of my render slaves getting the water cooling treatment as it was on air running a 1920X Threadripper but now has a shiny new 2990WX so its running a wee bit hotter lol. Anyway its not going to be anything spectacular as I cant have it down very long as I need it for work...

    Main Components :

    Case - Fractal Design R6
    CPU - AMD Threadripper 2990WX
    Motherboard - ASUS X399 Prime
    Memory - 32GB 8*4 - Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200mhz
    GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition (video card isn't really important in a render slave)
    SSD - Seagate 600 - 240GB SSD
    PSU - Corsair HX1000i

    Watercooling Components:

    Radiators - (1x) EK CoolStream CE 280
    Pump/Top Combo - DDC PWM pump mounted to reservoir
    Fittings - Mix of Darkside and Bitspower
    Tubing - Acrylic Bitspower 12mm OD Hard Tube
    Coolant - EK Cryofuel Solid - Electric Purple
    Reservoir - Phanteks Glacier 220 Reservoir (Honestly I hate this res and will be changing it I hope for a Heatkiller tube res when I can afford it)


    Lighting - Corsair RGB Pro Strips
    Fans - 5x NZXT AER RGB fans - 2x NZXT 140mm black fans (not sure of model ATM)
    Cables - Currently stock cables but Hopefully custom sleeved by me, still working on a pattern/colours and sleeving to come in.

    Thats it for now, Ill post pics in the next short while when I get working on it

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    This one like Max has been fairly troublesome to say the least but hopefully next weekend or shortly after Ill be able to get that one built too.


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      Good to see Fractal case build.
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      Green Lanten Build: Build Log,
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        Originally posted by DazMode View Post
        Good to see Fractal case build.
        Thanks Daz, I actually don't mind the Define - R6, it has a great amount of room in it and is built quite well. Normally I like mostly full/super towers and a couple mid towers as I like the extra room but this one is fairly nice to work in being that it is deeper than your average mid tower so it can fit a fairly descent water cooling setup as well. I have quite a bit of the EK solid purple left so I think that one is going to be using that and Ill cross my fingers the milkshake holds up haha.

        I was also surprised by the In-Win 101 chassis, that one too really surprised me and it is quite a small case but was quite nice to build in as well. I could really tell that quality is high on In-Win's priorities. It was definitely too small for my liking but was for a client so it was all good

        hopefully Ill have an entry or two for May's BOTM