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Luxe 2 Build: Heavy Notch

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  • Luxe 2 Build: Heavy Notch

    I introduce to you, Heavy Notch a Luxe 2 build

    Naming cause...
    1) It's heavy as hell
    2) I had to notch so many mounting holes to allow fitment of fans, pumps, rads and fittings

    This is basically the third case within just over a year and I think I'm finally happy with temperatures and noise levels Probably won't see me post any builds for a good few years. LOL

    9900k @5.2 (-1avx, core cache 49) with a vcore ~ @1.337v (8h+, occt avx2 stable)
    Asus Maximus XI Hero Z390 *no issues or concerns with the vrm
    Asus Dual RTX 2080 TI (Galax bios) Core 2185 MHz and 2000 MHz.
    Trident Z 3600C16 DDR4 @4000Mhz 16-17-17-36 2T @1.41v
    Samsung Evo 970 1TB
    Hitachi TravelStar 1TB
    Corsair RM850x
    Corsair ML120
    Corsair SP 120
    Cablemods custom

    Cooling Setup
    EKWB D5 Pump Res Combo
    EKWB D5 XTop Combo
    EKWB Velocity CPU and GPU blocks
    Barrow Fittings
    12'/10' Glass tubing
    Hardware Labs Nemesis 480GTS x2, 360GTS, EKWB XE360

    MISC Darkside UV and RGB strips, misc fan hubs and some tessa tape for wires (why not?)
    (I think that's literally everything)

    Writeups (for those interested in direct die and or lapping results)

    Thoughts and reflections
    The luxe 2 chassis is pretty flimsy, the cage flex is pretty noticable, even with rads installed, the structure still allows quite a bit of flex. The back panel flexes with ease and can be subjected to easy warping.
    1/2 of the base fan cut outs along with the bracket is not optimal for airflow.
    The lack of gpu mount support for the cut outs is pretty dangerous, and the only real option would be to support it with hard tubing lines or one would need to fabricate some sort of brace
    Cable management in this case is difficult and a disaster to work with, no real room to run wires at the top of the chassis, side channels don't offer much space either. (comparing this with the view and R6)
    Unfortunate that 4 120s can not be utilized behind the front cover due to the front io placement
    Unfortunate that fan placement at the top can not be utilized due to the design of the top cover. (perhaps slim fans may work, didn't have any on hand)
    Curved bottom edge on the back side requires caution if transporting (don't bother to pick it up from the base, it'll slip)

    On to the Build pics

    Glass Tubing


    Checking level. Notched fan holes to allow a shift for the rad to sit flush

    Side rad in along with cutting up a bit of the base for airflow, as well as the side top rear to allow rad fitment

    Front Rad in (notched utilizing the 140mm mounting holes)

    A bit of room to breath

    Base rad in

    Side and Front Rad connection. (these fittings are a lifesaver!)

    Looks odd? There is some reason for this madness

    Makes sense? Also created a bracket to mount a 120 at the unused pcie slots using plexi

    Time to start some lines, I always start with drain setups... 2 hours of thinking and trial and error....

    My original plan didn't work, even with with the bracket notched to allow some offset, it's just too close.

    Rad to Rad and Cpu to Rad Lines in

    Rad to Pump

    Second Pump and More lines are now in

    2nd drain plug in, and compromise on the build. I ran out of tube to tube 90s

    Front line at the base is not parallel, I was short on an offset fitting... Next tear down I'll definitely fix it


    The Abyss

    Making Sense of The Abyss

    Why bother?

    Ya, Don't think there was any point?

    Ok, some organization is required, otherwise, there is no way this cover would ever close. If the cover doesn't close, the side panel would not go on....

    Also added another 120 at back base for more intake

    I hope you enjoyed, cause this was probably the most frustrating build I've worked on out of the three
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    LOL, I think most of us water coolers have felt that pain. Came out great though! I'd be interested to see how the glass tube compares to acrylic, in terms of how the fluid looks, how light bounces off it, etc. Looks like Phanteks nailed the Luxe 2, that's a ton of rad space! You're almost in Case Labs territory.


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      Oh, look up my view71 build... That used glass as well. Has better pics with fluid in it

      ​​​​​It is clear, super clear. And bonus, itll never stain or fog up.



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        Sweet build! Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the case its self!


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          Originally posted by dknourek View Post
          Sweet build! Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the case its self!
          My pleasure


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            Very cool, Glass tubes always scared me, especially after one of Mayhems shipments was destroyed by FedEx and I had the box full of deadly weapons.
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              Originally posted by DazMode View Post
              Very cool, Glass tubes always scared me, especially after one of Mayhems shipments was destroyed by FedEx and I had the box full of deadly weapons.
              Lol individually packaged tubes can be an issue with shipping id imagine.... these came bound and at 1000mm lengths