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Fractal Design Meshify/Define/R6 Radiator Fitment

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  • Fractal Design Meshify/Define/R6 Radiator Fitment

    Good morning all!

    I have a Fractal Design Meshify S2, and was curious if anyone else here had used a case in this series, and knows if push/pull fans on two 360 radiators fit with minimal issue? I want to run push pull so I can drop the speed nice and low for low sound, but still have decent air flow through the rads.

    My current system is as follows:

    Asus Z390-E MB
    Asus RTX 2080ti O11 - Gaming
    32gb Viper 3000mhz ram
    Meshify S2 Case
    Heatkiller IV Pro Acrylic CPU Block
    Heatkiller Strix Full cover WB w/ Backplate
    Heatkiller Tube D5 200
    Darkside LP360mm Rads x2
    Haven't decided on fans, most likely Darkside GT 1850's

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    Yes on front for sure unless using a Monsta thickness radiator, so anything 60mm or less in thickness should work.

    Top will also work with a thin rad but make sure you don't have RAM taller than the 40mm recommended height.

    DS340-E: Core I7 3770K Undervolted at 4.3Ghz, Asrock Z77 Extreme-3, 16GB of Adata XPG V2 gold RAM at 2200mhz, XFX R9 290 with EK water block and (I love) gold backplate, EK tubing, Bitspower and Darkside fittigs, Darkside RGB lighting with handy remote control, WD Black Dual (120GB SSD+1TB mechanical) hard disk, Swiftech PWM fan controller, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit